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About the Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of 6-month jobs for young people. This is part of the government's Plan for Jobs and is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions. Our explainer video below shows the benefits of the scheme and provides more information!

About the Kickstart Scheme



Kickstart-UK, part of Business 2 Business (UK) Limited, offers a FREE full service to help employers benefit from the Kickstart Scheme. We are an approved Gateway Organisation and can support you.

Funding for each job placement will cover:


100% of the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week

National Insurance

All NI contributions

Automatic Enrolment

Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

Additional benefits to employers

Bring in enthusiastic new individuals with a variety of new skills into your business
Support young people with the tools they need and let their creativity flourish to grow your business
Through our employability support, individuals will gain vital experience to support and progress once in your organisation
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These must be new jobs and not replace existing or planned vacancies, and they cannot cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment.

The role must be a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months and paid at least the National Minimum Wage for their age group.

It should not require people to undertake extensive training before they begin the job placement.

It should not require people to undertake extensive training before they begin the job placement.

There must be wrap around support to help the individual look for long-term work, including career advice and setting goals, support with CV and interview preparations and supporting the participant with basic skills, such as attendance, timekeeping and teamwork. We will do all of this for you.


Our Support

As your Kickstart gateway, we will support you in the following ways. This is at no charge to you as this is covered by government funding. We will take you through the whole journey and make it as easy as possible for you the employer.

Wrap-around Support

The government may ask for evidence of how each individual has gathered basic work skills including:​

  • Attendance

  • Timekeeping

  • Teamwork

  • Communication

  • Travelling to work

We will ensure the skills are incorporated into the package.

Employability Courses 

These individuals will also need to be given training on CV, interviews, job search process, in-work support, setting career goals and careers advice. We are able to provide this as part of our support package.

Tutor Support

Our tutors can provide further support should that be required. This can take the form of more personalised careers advice.

Kickstart Qualification

Once each individual has completed the online courses, we will provide a certificate for our Kickstart Qualification to prove the individual has done this and provide evidence to the government.

Claims Compliance

We will also support you with claims eligiblility to meet the exact criteria. The government will conduct checks on each application and will ask for money back should there be errors, so this step is crucial.

Government Checks

The government may also require evidence that each employer is offering the support required to the individual and we will assist you to pass these checks

Back-office administration support

Support with back-office administration including payroll and managing systems. We can also conduct pre-checks on right to work documents.

Contracts and other legal matters

Support with creating job descriptions, contracts which meet the criteria set out by the government.

Streamlined Recruitment Assistance

Automated pre-screening to ensure you get the right candidate.

Financial Management

Funds will be administered by us to ensure you receive timely payments.

Across Locations

Should you require placements across offices we are able to provide support with management of those vacancies.


To share best practice we can put employers in touch with each other and provide regular newsletters.

Our Support


The Kickstart Scheme has the potential to greatly support businesses by employing young people fully-funded by the government. However, there are key requirements and to meet them we can help you. Click here to join and help Kickstart a young person's career.


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