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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Kickstart process and how is the £1500 grant used?

STEP 1: Expression of interest: Subheading – We will be in contact about compliance checks prior to application submission and confirm any information for eligibility. (72 hours). 


STEP 2: Kickstart Agreement: Subheading – If successful we will issue a Kickstart agreement between B2B and the employer.


STEP 3: Submit and relax: Subheading – We will submit your application to DWP on the business’ behalf for final checks this can take up to (4 weeks) for approval.


STEP 4: Funding letter: Subheading – Once the application has been approved you will be issued a funding letter which sets out the terms of agreement for funding between the employer and B2B.


STEP 5: Relationship Manager: Subheading - Once the funding letter has been signed you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager to guide you through the whole Kickstart journey.

You will be issued a vacancy template to complete which will be submitted to the DWP Kickstart placement team. The vacancy can to go live.


STEP 6: Recruitment Process: Subheading: Once the vacancy has gone live, we work in partnership with Job Centre Plus to find and pre-screen applicants that meet your criteria. The employer will then arrange interviews with potential candidates.


STEP 7: Successful Applicant: Once a potential candidate is identified, they are ready to start with you and we will provide you with the necessary information required. 


STEP 8: Pastoral Care: We will be in contact with the young person on a fortnightly/monthly basis and provide expert employability support (this is a mandatory government requirement). 


Training allowance negotiable depending on young person’s requirements*


2. What support will you offer, as a gateway for the employer and the young person?

Claims Compliance — We will work with you to meet the eligibility criteria for the scheme.

Support with creating job descriptions and pre-screening candidates to find the right people.

We support you when the government do an audit, to avoid you repaying money back.

Supporting and managing the application process for you.

Training on CV’s, interviews, the job search process and setting career goals.

Tutor support given for each individual for personalised careers advice.

On completion of the training, a Kickstart Qualification will be awarded.


3. Wage entitlement and reimbursements?

The funding covers the national minimum wage for 25 hours per week for 6 months. For the exact rates please see


4. What types of CV referrals should I expect?

Aim of Kickstart Scheme to help those on UC find employment. Kickstarters can come at different skill levels (skilled / unskilled positions are available). 


5. How long is the scheme available till and can I re-apply?

The last placement can be requested up until December 21st meaning Kickstarter’s can be employed until June 2022. Once the Kickstarter has finished the placement, the employer can re-apply for the scheme once again.



6. What happens if a Kickstarter resigns before the end of their contract?

We will inform DWP with the necessary information and request for the vacancy to be re-opened. Once the vacancy is live, we will start to refer further CVs to the employer. 


7. How is holiday claimed for?

Kickstarters will receive 2 weeks holiday on the scheme. If the employer chooses to take the kickstarter on for more hours, holiday entitlement could differ, but this will be up to the organisation. Bank holidays are also included. 

8. How many young candidates can we take on? 


This depends on the number of employees you have on payroll and the number of young people’s initial salary you can over before the grant is being issued.


9. How many business locations can we apply from? 

As many locations as you would like if they are located in the UK. 

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